I’ve become a fan of the FX series Justified. It’s very character driven, and there are some good ones. Timothy Olyphant plays Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens. Olyphant played much the same character in Deadwood, something I definitely would not hold against him. He had a part (as Wes) in another FX series, Damages. He has a certain very low-key style that seems to fit the small screen. Olyphant has been in a slew of movies, but I can’t say if I’ve seen any of them.

Joelle Carter plays the love interest, Ava. She shows as a credible southern, earthy vamper and the chemistry between her and Olyphant seems real. Natalie Zea plays the other love interest of Raylan. He just can’t seem to decide between them. Zea was the client of Hung‘s male prostitute, who he fell for hard.

The writing by Elmore Leonard is quite good, not necessarily in the storyline, but in the smart dialogue. This series has a lot going for it, and is one of the best non-premium cable shows to come along in awhile. FX has had some winners lately.


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