The Manchurian Candidate ~ (2004, USA) ~ DVD

Jonathan Demme directed this remake of John Frankenheimer’s 1962 original. Denzel Washington takes the Frank Sinatra role of Major Bennett Marco – here “Ben” (I’m thinking that Bennet was too white a name!). In the original (I’ve not seen it in a decade or two) the patrol is taken to Manchuria and brainwashed. In the update, the Manchuria is a corporation and the  implants take the place of brainwashing.

I don’t believe that the remake is several cuts below the original, as some seem to think. Denzel is fine and Meryl Streep is – as always –  a force. The disdain she shows and the cutting humor are a delight.

This was better than expected, although a Jonathan Demme film should have a certain respectability up front.


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