Tribeca – Here we come

I’m sitting in the Amtrak Station in Westwood (MA)  I’m about an hour early. I like to be early on trips. I hate the feeling of rushing to make a plane – or a train in this case. Scanned my e-ticket (as usual, I had issues), sat down and logged on to Wi-Fi.  

I don’t thin k I’ll be able to connect up on the train, since I’m taking the slow boat. I think Wi-Fi is reserved for Acela Express cats. Today will be orientation day for me. Get in, get a cab, and check in to my hotel on East Houston. I’ll check out where most of my movies are playing and walk to the box office to pick up the extras I bought on general sale. 

I’ll need to get a Metro card, since I’m taking the subway up to the Upper West side late in the afternoon  to see an old friend whom I have not seen in half a lifetime. I’m really looking forward to it. On the phone she sounds the same as she did back in the day.  

Cheryl (formerly Cheddi) Mendelson (formerly Neel) is living with her husband in Columbia housing. He teaches and she does as well (Barnard) or at least used to. She’s written several books, some novels and some “homemaking” books”. This last is a bit of a surprise in some ways and in some ways not. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a natural progression for her. She seems like she’s in the best place of her life, and sounds genuinely happy. I hope so.  

I went to school with Cheryl and her then husband, David. This was a woman who could do almost anything: She played piano wonderfully, took voice lessons, studied philosophy, went to law school, became a lawyer, did arbitration for awhile, then did the corporate thing. She then apparently (I lost track of her at this juncture) got married and settled in New York to write, teach and make a home. She’s a homemaker, and proud of it, and I suspect she’s a good one. It will be so fine to catch up.  

Her ex (David) with whom I’ve recently caught up (I’ll see him this summer in Vermont) is also a well-published historian from them radical left. The two of them ended up in opposite directions, but I love them both.    

Well, my train (which terminates in Lynchburg, VA) will be showing up shortly, so I’ll pack up and get aboard. I hope I don’t  fall asleep on the train and end up in Virginia!  




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