Boston-Turkish Film Festival 2010: Kosmos

What is it? There are only three possible stories, and variations upon them? Something like that. In Reha Erdem’s Kosmos, a stranger comes to town. The opening scene has Kosmos running away from something. As if he’s being chased. Even before he gets to town, he saves a young boy from drowning. He’s treated as something of a hero. A miracle worker.

But Kosmos is also a thief. A Robin Hood. He steals things for people that need them. He’s looked up to. But Kosmos is too wild and raw to fit in. Soon, the townspeople see only his flaws. Eventually he’s chased out of town, running in a reverse of the first scene.Is the town changed from the time before he came? Probably. but I’m not sure just how.

There is a strange love story mixed in here as well and a dose of magical realism. Much too unrealistic and not enough magic of the cinema variety. This film was by far the least favorite of the three I saw at the fest.

All films were screened at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts before overwhelmingly Turkish viewers.


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