Passing Strange ~ A Spike Lee Joint

I’ve just watched a breathtaking musical on film that just blew me away. The sheer joy, the sheer exuberance, the sheer brilliance was stunning. How did I miss this until now? A film this inspiring and profound should not also be immense entertainment and funny. It captures every emotion, and then lets them free. Filmed by Lee on the last night of the musicals run at New York’s Bellasco Theater (165 performances)…what I wouldn’t give to have been there. As a musical play, or as a musical film, Passing Strange ranks up there as one of the best I’ve ever seen. The talent on display was astounding.

At the end of the film (which I watched on DVD) I was standing along with most of the audience at the performance.

Stew, the narrator, singer and writer (along with his collaborator Heidi Rodewald) have written some  wonderful music and arranged and performed it all to near perfection. It’s not many musicals that so combine the pain and joy of living, quirky songs with moving and heart-stopping reflections on art, music, love, and identity.

I loved this film!

“I let my pain fuck my ego and I called the bastard art”

Rock on. Last night at the Bellasco.



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