Moscow, Belgium ~ (Belgium, 2008) ~ DVD

When Matty and Johnny literally bump into each other, it’s dislike at first sight. But soon, Johnny likes the chemistry between them and Matty follows suit reluctantly. It’s offbeat and predictable. But predictable in the way you want it to be.

 Matty’s husband is off on a mid-life dalliance with one of his art students and Matty is left in a funk with the three kids. So as she says at one point, she doesn’t need anymore men in her life. Johnny draws her out, makes her feel wanted, and makes her remember that life can be a good time. Johnny, a truck driver who travels back and forth to Italy, is not without his baggage though. He’s been in jail three times, mostly for his excessive drinking which brings out the anger in him. The last time he went over the line, he hurt his wife. Now divorced, he’s regretful, and chastened, but won’t make excuses. Sort of.

Things go about as predicted, but the actress who plays Matty is so good (Barbara Sarafian) that this is barely a concern. The only real change-up is the introduction of her eldest daughter’s lesbian affair. Matty is puzzled, but takes it in stride. With everything else going on, this is barely another blip on the radar. The daughter (Vera) played by Anemone Valcke is saucily disdainful of all things adult.

I think it’s a date movie – for Belgians. This is not a knock!



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