Olympic Whining

I’m not a big fan of the winter Olympics, as I much prefer the summer sports. I don’t even like hockey. So? Does that make me anti-American? Or anti-Canadian for that matter? Hardly. Having grown up in warm climes for one thing, I just can’t relate. Hockey? Never played it and the unnies are spectacularly ugly. Skating? I did hang out at the roller rink when I was a kid. Skiing? Behind a motor boat, sure. And curling? HAHAHAHA! These winter sports, I just don’t get.

We do give you drama, though. And fashion.

So the one night I’ve watched more than 10 minutes happens to be the night that Lindsay Vonn crashes (for what, the fourth time?) breaks her pinkie, and pisses off Ms. Jealousy, Julia Mancuso. Mancuso wins the gold (oh right…make that silver) for the biggest Olympic whine since Nancy Kerrigan’s plaintive, “Why me?” Why you? Just because, Nan.


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