Psycho 24

I finished reading Don DeLillo’s Point Omega yesterday (I’m still mulling it over to post a review) and one of the touchstone’s in it is Douglas Gordon’s installation called 24 Hour Psycho. The Hitchcock movies was slowed down to approximately 2 frames per second, so that the installation takes 24 hours to “unfold”. DeLillo uses this installation as a metaphor for perception, time, and reality (as does Gordon). With Psycho such a staple of our group consciousness, Gordon really plays off that. There’s a short 36-second peak here, the infamous shower scene (or part of it anyway):

Contrast that with Chris Bors’ 24 Second Psycho. The reverse of the above. The original movie meets us somewhere in the safer middle.

24 Second Psycho from Chris Bors on Vimeo.

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