Taking Care of Business

Irony of ironies. As the President gets ready to give us all the state of the state tonight, a major topic is expected to be jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs is the favorite mantra. The irony? Today is T-1. Tomorrow, my place d’emploi, will be announcing jobs layoffs. Specific ones. 15% of those who work where I do will not have jobs after tomorrow. The agenda was announced about two months ago. Since then, the powers that be have been wringing their hands (yeah, right) regarding the “reorganization.”

The long and winding road.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

In their attempt to be open,  honest and communicative, they’ve given us cruel and unusual punishment. I can’t imagine a worse way to do things. The fairer and more compassionate that HR tries to be, the worse it gets. My department got together today and had a Last Supper. And it will have been that for 2-3 of the group.

As they say. It’ll get worse, before it gets better.


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