Public Enemies ~ (USA, 2009) ~ DVD

I looked and looked and found nothing new here. Well, after all, I guess it’s all been done. Such a good cast, too. I moved this to the top of my queue just before it came out, but missed the mark. Then it was long waited for several weeks. I finally got it, and not sure what all the hype was about. I guess it was just that: hype makes us want.

I’ll take twenty Bonnie & Clyde‘s over this one any day.  Not that it was a bad movie by any stretch. I made popcorn and everything. Though not from scratch. After all, Michael Mann didn’t make this one from scratch either, lifting from the whole body of Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd movies. Even dropped in a Clark Gable gangster movie, Manhattan Melodrama.

Manhattan Melodrama was the Gable, William Powell, Myrna Loy film that John Dillinger attended just before he was shot outside the theater. In the final scene of the movie, the Gable character (Blackie Gallagher, reminiscent of Dillinger) says to a friend:  “Hey look Jim, if I can’t live the way I want, then at least let me die the way I want.” In the movie, Dillinger (Johnny Depp, smiles at this, as if recognizing his fate. Whether he did or not, who can tell. Makes a nicely packaged ending though.

Best scene? Dillinger busts out of a podunk Indiana prison. Bustin’ out never looked so easy.

Good acting throughout though, besides Depp of course (though not one of his best), there’s:

Stephen Dorff as his best bud, Homer.

Christian Bale, his repressed nemesis, FBI agent Melvin Purvis.

Branka Katic (The Sopranos, Big Love) as the Jezebel who sets him up.

Marion Cotillard, as Billie, the love of his life.

Giovani Ribisi as Alvin Karpis. As oily as ever.



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