This Year’s Model

All of a sudden, this guys gonna be our next President. Whoaahh, Nellie! The political landscape is forever changed. Health care reform is dead. The news media just loves a new face, huh? As he made his rounds in Washington today, one wondered how soon he’d fade into oblivion. God, even the Dems were gushing over him!

I love the fact that one of the frequent signs hauled around by his supporters was “No more handouts for Wall Street”. Here’s a guy who wants to free up Wall Street to enable them to do more raping and pillaging. So much for the informed voter. And that picture  that’s going around, points out an interesting double standard. When asked about “the picture“, with all due disingenuousness, he said what picture? And then oh… that (as if he hadn’t known, or had quite forgot about it), said that was thirty years ago, but it was a great time in my life. End of that subject.

Can you just imagine a woman getting off that lightly. Something like that would probably be the end of her political life.

But stars rise and stars fall. As John Edwards sinks below the horizon, Scott Brown, bright and shining light of the Incoherents (I mean Independents), begins the ascent to his apogee. What goes up, must come down seems to be a truism – in politics especially. As Satchel Paige used to say, Scott: Don’t look back. Someone might be gaining on you.


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