1 Meow for Guilty

Of course this has happened before – but we love to report on them. You know. Those cutesy human interest stories, many times involving cats and or dogs. Here, a woman filled out her town census form and under the space for pets, dutifully wrote in “Sal Esposito, cat”. Somehow the “cat” part of the “other family members” got mislaid. You can probably write the rest of this story.

Sal, of course, was summoned for jury duty. Sal’s momma (Anna Esposito), sent back the form to get the summons dropped. You know official forms. You gotta check a box. So Anna checked the most appropriate one she could think of. Sal did not speak English (or any other language, but that’s another story, right?) DENIED. Sal has a late March court date still pending.


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