Robot Stories ~ (USA, 2003) ~ DVD

Greg Pak’s film explores man’s relationship to technology, and the ways in which we are subtly being distanced from real relationships. Pak’s futuristic vision is sometimes thought provoking, but marred by the overall unevenness of the writing. In My Robot Baby, instead of jumping right in to having children, couples may see how they make out caring for a robot with similar needs. The yupsters portrayed here do just that. Both are career driven as their first priority, and when the husband is called away, the wife gets her father to hack into the ‘baby’ in order to free  up her time so she won’t have to deal.

The Robot Fixer, is the story of a mother’s love for her child who has been left brain dead from an accident. She relives her bewilderment and frustration at her son’s near autistic personality. He had been a collector of robot figures, and mom pulls all the old figures out and tries te reassemble them by scavenging for missing parts. The hope is that somehow, by making these robot action figures whole, she can repair the damage to her son. Her daughter understands that she cannot.

Machine Love, my favorite of the four, only because of the computer animation, which is very good and  “life-like”. The theme itself is a bit tired – robots or androids – developing human like traits and falling in love. We’ve seen this before.

The last story (Clay), describes a world when we are able to scan our personalities so that as the body dies, the soul and memories of a person live on. One man rebels and prefers the old fashioned eternal dirt nap.

This is not a long film, so we don’t have time to grow impatient with it. Mildly diverting, but may be more fully enjoyed by sci-fi freaks.




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