Random Music Shuffle: December

  • Chasing Pirates ~ Norah Jones. I love her voice, but much of her music has that CD surface sheen, rather than that vinyl depth.
  • Holiday ~ Joan As Policewoman. Always a subtly bouncing sound, enveloped in that inexplicable name. Holiday is not ‘seasonal music’, btw.
  • Precious Love ~ James Morrison. Blue-eyed soul, but wtf?
  • She’s Mine ~ Brett Dennen. I dig the androgynous voice, ok? Leave me alone!
  • Air ~ Erin McKeown. One of Ani’s Righteous Babe’s
  • Heaven ~ Los Lonely Boys. The boys make that leap of faith. How far is heaven? No matter how far, there be an organ there.
  • No More Love Songs ~ Lloyd Cole. Does anyone listen to Lloyd Cole these days? Shit. People just ain’t no good, man!
  • No Phone ~ Cake. Rhyming, chiming. Not my favorite, but even if le mots are weak, the music is always adventurous. Can I have my Cake (&EI2?)
  • California Blue ~ Roy Orbison. “Everyday I pray/I’ll be on my way”
  • She’s Got You ~ Roseanne Cash. From her “The List” album. Interesting story. Terry “Fresh Air” Gross turned me on to this.

An incredible Nick Cave version of my favorite Cole. Most of the time this is pretty much my deal.


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