Matador ~ (1986, Spain) ~ DVD

Matador is an early work of Pedro Almodovar which stars the gorgeous Assumpta Serna and a young – make that very young – Antonio Banderas. Full of erotic sexual tension and repression, Almodovar uses the Matador-Bull dynamic as a sex and death metaphor. Passions rule and damn the consequences. Probably only Almodovar can get away with a film like  this: flamboyant, audacious and unself-consciously lurid. Like most Almodovar movies, this is beautifully filmed with stark, saturated colors.

Banderas seems lost at sea and over his head in this early role, while Nacho Martinez is perfectly damaged as the limping ex-matador. Serna plays the mysterious woman, feminist, brilliant lawyer, and secret matador worshipper perfectly.

You need to be an Almodovar fan to appreciate this one, I suspect, so recommendations come with that caveat.



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