V is for…

I’ve been watching this silly sci-fi series on ABC, called V . It’s just different enough to hold my interest, but not different enough to really separate it from most other network tv shows. There is one thing that’s slightly disturbing though, cynical even. Just an episode into the story, there was a cheap shot against the health care debate. I did a double take. It was obvious enough to catch anyone’s attention. Then in ther latest episode, we’re served full-frontal paranoia, H1N1 style.

V is for Visitors.

They have come to Earth unexpectedly to either (a) share with us their advanced knowledge, or (b) colonize us and take over. It depends on your P. Predilections or Politics. In (b), you are the right thinking, we must stamp out the intruder to save our freedoms type. In (a), you are the weak kneed bleeding heart sort. You know, the kind who avoids confrontation until it is too late. Quislings. Appeasers. These people really do believe that the Visitors want to help us. That the  additives being put into a supplement will boost our immune system and make us disease free. What the script writers have had the Visitors do though, is secretly add something (we don’t yet know what – we can only speculate) to the flu vaccine. The plot is foiled, but we are in danger from managed health care and authority tampered vaccines.

V is for Vigilance (public beware)

V is for Vaccines (don’t you dare)

V is for Vacuous (warping my brain)

V is for Victor (squashed under a train)


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