The Broken Word ~ Adam Foulds

BrokenWordthey swear freedom or death the shock and horror of blood, it’s surprising redness he’d have to clean with bucket and sponge each red wet gust from the station wall the poetry of flies glittered like ordnance and fizzzed around the buckets the home front bored, bored, bored prisoner interrogation stand up when your number is called surrender I am not Mau Mau, not rebel Please torture and release let out to wander briefly as mayflies and die as a warning the heat the constant heat the sun detonating its hydrogen shoved into a pit of death Oopsy-daisy it’s like another world no another dimension a parallel universe back in the real world the real world the real world It is still there they’re all still there except for the newly dead back in the world freedom solitude rain




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2 responses to “The Broken Word ~ Adam Foulds

  1. PatD

    Yay. You finally got around to reading it.

  2. chazzw

    It was FINE!

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