Akashic Noir

noirI just discovered this series. Check it out. Collections of noir short stories, anthologies based in various cities in the US and around the world, Istanbul, Paris, Delhi, London, New York. And on and on. Great idea.

The Boston one, which is edited by Dennis Lehane (he has an entry), has just recently been released. Nearly all of them are available for the kindle, and these seem the perfect books for that device. I downloaded this one today. This Thursday, several of the authors (Russ Aborn, Dana Cameron, Brendan DuBois and Lynne Heitman) will be reading from their stories at Indie Newtonville Books.



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2 responses to “Akashic Noir

  1. I have Bronx Noir, and think I need to get to it sooner than later. What a cool concept.

  2. chazzw

    It really is! By the way, I mis-spoke, mis-typed, mis-blogged, mis-understood….well, you get the picture. The reading I noted was “this Thursday” (tomorrow night) is really Thursday November 12th!

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