Irene K. Fischer; measured earth; at 102

So reads the obit headline in today’s Boston Globe. Dontcha love headlines like this? Oh, I don’t mean that Irene or her family would love it, but it has to bring a smile to your face. Not a bad thing to have on your headstone (should you be so inclined): Measured Earth.

Geodesists, they call ’em. Those who measure the earth. Irene plied her trade for the government. A former colleague described her a indefatigable. An indefatigable geodesist. I’d guess there is no other kind.  She was responsible for the Fischer Ellipsoid. A work that says here is Earth. Here its size. We measure it thus. Not to sneeze at.

Like many hard working and creative people of a certain age, she fled the Nazis and settled in America, where she lived well and so it seems, loved well. Rest in Peace, Irene. Goodnight.

Latitude: 38.89037  /  Longitude: -77.031959

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