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sportsIt’s that golden time of year. College and professional football is in full swing. Hockey has opened for business. Basketball is nearly there. And the Baseball playoffs have started.

The ‘play in’ game (Twins and Tigers) was quite an event.  As was the ‘focus on revenge-redemption’ play of Brett Favre. Will he approach that level again this season? My bet is no. Until the next time the Vikings play the Pack.

Twins and Yankees (in progress) is settling in to form it looks like. My Red Sox play back to back late night games on the West coast. I’ll read about it in the papers, I guess. The Patriots look to be improving each week, but is seems the league is cowed into protecting Golden Boy from harm. Well, whatever turns you on. I part ways when a superstar acts and politics for calls. Play the game. I’m with Lewis on this one. Any dispassionate observer would be hard pressed to call the play last Sunday a cheap shot. The cheapest part of the play was Tom’s pleas.

My personal hope for the baseball playoffs would be Dodgers-Red Sox (i.e., Manny vs his old mates). Chances are slim on that one I’d suspect One can hope though.


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