Television: Profit (DVD) – Disc 3

I finished up Profit with Disc 3 (the last two episodes). On checking further, only the 2 hour pilot and three more episodes made it through the airwaves via Fox before having the plug pulled. I can see the sponsors running for cover. It would be another six years before the final four episodes aired on consecutive night in December of 2002 (Merry Christmas!) on something called the Trio  channel.

The writer commentary on the DVD confirmed that the “deep” kiss between a woman and Jim Profit was originally written as his mother. It was at this point during their pitch that the creators were thrown out of CBS (I think). Later the role was changed to his ”step-mother”. Undercutting the Oedipal a little, as he had sex with his mother and killed his father. Still, one of the quintessential scenes in the series, as, when after the kiss, Jim Profit says “Hi, Mom.” Perfectly encapsulating the unique combination of darkness and humor that the actors and script gave us.

They talked about the conceit of having Jim Profit start and end the show with a brief look into the eyes of the audience and comment to them directly. As I said earlier, I thought this was probably revolutionary for TV in 1996. And it may well have been. But not revolutionary. There’s the little matter of Richard III!

So that’s it. Nine hours of one of my favorite tv shows of all time (that no one’s ever heard of). Ok. I admit it. That’s part of what makes it one of my favorites!


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