Television: Profit (DVD) – Disc 2

Man, I love this short lived series. It’s better than I remembered it. It’s good to have one show where you can root openly for the evil ends justifies the means guy. And this is it. In spades.

Disc 2 included episodes 3-6 (Disc 1 had the pilot and the first episode. As I said before, this is a series that was way ahead of its time (1996). Now I notice a few things that are dated. The virtual reality (which may have been a first at the time), is a bit clunky compared to what might be presented today. They’re still using 3.5″ discs in their computers, and – let’s face it – the cell phones are a bit large.

Other than that, there is plenty of near nudity and strong hints of lesbian sex and mother love (presented as step-mom). I wonder if that was changed to make it more palatable. In other words, this was groundbreaking – too much so. The public was not ready for it.

The most interesting continuing story arc is the development of Jim Profit’s secretary/assistant cum protege. He seems to have a genuine fondness for her, and she seems to be taking her lessons and growing into an understanding as to what it takes to succeed in business. Gail Konen (played by Lisa Darr) grows more and more immune to the moral implications of Profit’s business instincts.

Although there are several voice-over moments in the series, each show starts off (and ends) with a moment where Profit looks directly at the camera and briefly comments to the ‘audience’. These are terrific, made the more so by Adrian Pasdar’s chiseled gaze.I wonnder if this was a first as well.

As always, he curls up  nude in his gerbil box (full of what looks like sawdust) at the end of each episode. commentary of the tv generation? Ostensibly, Jim was raised in this box, with a hole cut-out so he could watch television. Raised by tv. His step-mom, when she’s not grabbing for Jim’s yoni, lays about and watches television all day. This drives Jim nuts. He’s outgrown all that you see.

Disc 1


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