Television: Profit (DVD)

ProfitThis is one of those series that I hesitated to go back to. I’d seen it as it originally aired, and was really blown away. I couldn’t stop talking about it, and most people thought I was nuts. To watch it again , would I be really, really disappointed?

Watching the first disc tonight (the 2-hour pilot and the first one hour episode) it didn’t disappoint at all.  What struck me was how far ahead of its time it was. And it’s not dated. It could fit right in today without changing a thing. Now there are a few shows (non-network), that are currently mining similar territory. I think of Damages and Dexter for example. But this was 1996. Here was a show where a guy (when he was home) pretty much went without clothes and slept in a cardboard box. And had sex with his mother. Well, his step-mother.

Adrian Pasdar played the diabolical yet ultra rational Profit. And the cast that surrounds him are all excellent. Shot in Vancouver, it’s a gorgeous look to be savored. But it’s not a surprise that it was short lived on network tv. The surprise is that it was picked up at all (Fox took a flyer on it). This was just abut the time that Fox was really making its move. It had been only recently that Fox had gone to seven full days of programming.

Now that  I’ve watched the first disc (with fascination) I’m really looking forward to re-watching the rest of the series.



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3 responses to “Television: Profit (DVD)

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  3. PatD

    Hunh. I don’t even remember that series. I’ll have to check it out.

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