Everyday People ~ (USA, 2004) ~ DVD

everyday peopleAn episodic Indie that never quite comes together as a whole, Jim McKay’s story about gentrification and changing neighborhoods comes at you every which way and keeps on coming. For an Indie film, the cast is rather large and nearly everyone gets their moment. McKay directs with an early Altman style that mostly works. Anyway, it’s a film which is hard to actively dislike: unpretentious, human and desirous only of letting us hear these particular stories, in case they are universal, and we can relate.

Raskin’s is a neighborhood restaurant and bar that now only makes money at breakfast. Jewish owned and black  served, it’s a social gathering place. Everyone knows your name. Time to shut the family business and get out. A gut wrenching decision, since the staff and the patrons are like family. Progress must be served, but at what cost, we are left to wonder?



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