Dai-Nipponjin (Big Man Japan) ~ (Japan, 2007) ~ DVD

bigmanMonster movies, huh? Some you find yourself turning away from the screen, averting your eyes.  Some you may find yourself  flinching, grabbing the armrest. Rarely though, do you watch with your jaw dropped throughout, just  not believing what you’re seeing. Such is the case with Hitoshi Matsumoto’s giant monster comedy.

Big Man Japan comes from a long line of defenders of Justice and Peace. It’s a heavy burden which has taken its toll on Big Man as he faces down threats from such unlikely foes as The Strangling Monster (this one is very cool), The Evil Stare Monster, and The Stink Monster. Big Man has his own tv show which is not doing too well lately. Relegated to late, late night (after 2 AM), the ratings have dwindled steadily.

Forced to sell space on his body to corporate sponsors, Big Man’s agent is trying to resuscitate his career with a documentary film crew that follows him around to tell his story. The film within the film, and the part where you may wander a bit. Big Man himself, is also increasingly unpopular. He’s just not ‘green’. It takes massive amounts of electricity to pump him up to the large sized crime fighter and monster basher he’s supposed to be.

The several fights between the animated monsters and Big Man are oft times hilarious. A way off-beat monster comedy the likes of which you probably haven’t seen.

Matsumoto has a new sci-fi  film playing at TIFF 09, Shinboru (Symbol).   Part of the Midnight Madness series, I hope to score tickets for a screening.



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