Losing that lovin’ feeling

Slowly over the years I seem to have lost that zest for sports. That focus on what all the local teams are doing. After a brief flirtation with hockey years ago, that fell away. Football, it seems to me, has always taken itself too seriously. This is even worse in a Belichek town. Though I have watched some in recent years, basketball too has lost its flavor.

Now I’m worried about the last sports passion: baseball, which seems to be teetering. I can’t explain this. Age? Not likely. Not an issue with others. Other interests? Sure, I have new interests and a deeper interest in others of long standing. And if I don’t exactly have a lot of leisure time, I have more than I used to at least.

No, I just can’t figure it out.


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One response to “Losing that lovin’ feeling

  1. PatD

    Here’s my suggested remedy: College Football.

    Oh do I love me some college football. It’s the best time of the year.

    I think one of the reasons we don’t get too, too obsessive, anymore, is because we are past the hero stage. If ya’ know what I mean, jellybean.

    Can’t beat the drama in college football, though.

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