Nobody Move ~ Denis Johnson

nobodymoveDenis Johnson’s Nobody Move is a throw away novel, but great fun. Would that I could toss one off like this. Our hero (sort of), Jimmy Luntz, is a compulsive gambler that gets himself in Dutch with some very bad people. Then things just get worse and worse as Jimmy gets in deeper and deeper.

One hopes Johnson had fun writing it, ‘cuz I sure had fun reading it. I devoured it in a day. And the dialogue is sharp and funny and faster moving than the plot itself. This baby’s got Blood Simple written all over it.

There are no good guys (or gals) here. Only bunglers, burglars and small-time hoods in varying stages of meanness. At one point or another, nearly everyone draws a bead on someone else.  Shots are fired and people are mangled, wounded, or are threatened with having their balls eaten before their eyes – apparently a speciality of the House of Juarez.

Jimmy is a small timer. He nearly loses his life (and his balls) over a somewhat insignificant unpaid debt. But examples have to be set. Way up the ladder, billion dollar debtors get bailed out and paid bonuses to keep the game moving. No castration threats here.

Take me to the river.



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