Frost/Nixon ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

frost-nixonFinally got around to this one too.  You know, I didn’t think all that highly of the acting here. Michael Sheen who played David Frost, goes through the whole movie with just the goofiest expression on his face. It was very distracting. And Frank Langella – sorry to say – was just a little too Nixon. This happens when you caricature a caricature. Well, there was Sam Rockwell, as James Reston, Jr., who was so good in Moon. And fine here as well.

Watching the DVD extras though, it was apparent how faithful the movie was to the original interviews. So props for that, since I think that was important. The movie showed just how hard it was to pull the whole project together.

At one point in the movie, someone says how vividly they could remember just where there were when…and it is one of those historical moments, isn’t it? Like when Jack Kennedy was assassinated. Not talking about the interviews themselves. I’m talking about the resignation speech. I was in Chicago for some reason – I can’t recall why. And I still remember how other worldly it was to see the man finally come down.

For many people who see this movie, they will be watching events that happened before they were born, perhaps. The test then would be, does the film show the historical nature of the moments portrayed? I’m not the movie gets high marks here, though there is a mild sense that something important for the nations was happening.

A Ron Howard movie Always professional looking. Serviceable. He has to be a studio favorite (if studios matter anymore).

I moved this down my queue several times until there was nothing waiting of an immanent nature. If you get around to seeing it, fine. If you never do, no great loss.



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