Three Books on NPR

Driving home today, I heard this NPR segment that I had somehow missed before.  Three Books. Kind of a three books with the same theme or hook – todays’ was the radio. So I checked the back list. There’s some interesting ones. From May, there’s three from Jack Murnighan “Mining The Classics For Laughs (Even ‘Moby Dick’).

Moby Dick, despite its reputation as a bore, was intended to be — and actually is — one of the funniest books of all time

I have read Moby Dick carefully, and certainly had never thought of it in quite that way. But then again, I don’t find it boring wither, so maybe a re-read is required. The other two are Ulysses(which I have sitting on my kindle) with hopes of reading late this or early next year with a group) and  The Sound and The Fury.

Jack Murnighan has written a book called Beowulf on the Beach: What to Love and What to Skip in Literature’s 50 Greatest Hits. Good title.

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