A Thousand Years of Good Prayers ~ (USA, 2007) ~ Netflix Stream

thousandyrsLike most Wayne Wang films, this is a quiet little film, focused on generational and cultural gaps within families. Here, Yilan (Feihong Yu), hosts her father, whom she has not seen in many years in her apartment in America. Her marriage has failed and she’s not in a good relationship. Her father tries to cope with the life his daughter is leading, perhaps interfering, but from a place of concern. Yilan is uncomfortable with the visit, and resents her father’s new attentions which she did not have growing up.

This is a film filled with silences, mostly the uncomfortable ones between father and estranged daughter.  Yilan’s father, Mr. Shi (Henry O) is elderly,  but seems to still have a thirst for understanding and knowledge. Henry O plays this gentle soul with impeccably muted style.

Certainly Wayne Wang’s Indie films are not for all tastes, but if you’ve seen his work in this genre before and liked it, you’ll also want to see this one.



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