Japanese Story ~ (Australia, 2003) ~ DVD

jstoryFilmed in the desolation of Australia’s desert interior, with its vast, yet stunningly beautiful emptiness, Director Sue Brooks explores the great gaps and empty spaces that divide us all.

The film has two other things going for it, beyond the enchanting views of Australia. First, there’s the surprising Toni Collette. She gives an emotional, tough performance as a lonely geologist assigned to tour-guide a Japanese business partner of the firm she works for around  their vast holdings – and beyond. Gotaro Tsunashima as the young,  handsome and somewhat wistful Japanese  visitor plays off Collette well.

Then there’s the ‘I didn’t  see that coming’ narrative turn that hits you before you suspect, and sets the tone  for the rest of the film. If not brilliant, it’s at least intelligent. If not full of deep insights, it’s honest. You could do worse.


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