Alexandra’s Project ~ (Australia, 2005) ~ Cable

alexandraSteve has just received a promotion on his birthday. When he gets home, he finds himself alone. But suspects a surprise birthday party in the works.  A wrapped videotape seems to lead there, but suddenly everything changes.

Steve doesn’t get the surprise he wanted – but he does get a surprise. No doubt about that.

When one thinks of an Australian film, one thinks of expansive vistas, beautiful scenery, wide open spaces. Here, most of the  film is shot inside an apartment.

There’s a lot of anger in this film, some warranted it would seem. But much of it seems a little over the top – an overreaction  of massive proportions. Sure, it turns out that Alexandra has married an oaf, A first rate jerk. One understands why she may want to drop her life and start a new one. But this “project” that she has put together carries the danger of a sympathetic eye being cast on her psychologically abusive husband.

But what is usual and the norm is not necessarily cinematic and riveting cinema. This is not either.


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