The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill ~ (USA, 2005) ~ DVD

parrotsThis is a kooky, lovable little doc about an eccentric San Francisco denizen who befriends and takes care of a ‘wild’ flock of parrots (actually cherry-headed Conures). Mark Bittner, an aging hippie and would be musician, finds the elusive meaning in his life from these strange and human like (he seems to think so, and we begin almost to believe him) creatures.

Bittner, of course, names all his Conures, claiming they each have their own personality and quirks – and he makes believers out of us. One Conure in particular – Mingus – is shown in what can only be described as a communication with Mark. This guy truly  loves his birds, and it seems they love him as well. It’s that oddest of films: a nature film shot in an urban setting  although a unique one.

Ok, so the ending may be a  bit improbable, if true. But the communion between man and feathered friends is equally improbable  and true as well.



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