Killshot ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

killshotDirected by John Madden (Shakespeare In Love) and from an Elmore Leonard novel. And it has a pedigree cast: Mickey Rourke and Diane Lane. Not to mention Rosario Dawson and a hyped up Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Richie Nix, Miracle at St. Anna).

The movie was made a few years before Rourke’s comeback in The Wrestler. And it has a somewhat tortured history.  Finally seeing the light of day as a direct to DVD release, the movie is interesting for the cast, and Rourke’s character. Rourke plays cool to Gordon-Levitt’s hot. All of the acting is competent to good. The problem lies in the execution of the story-line.

First there’s the tired relationship on the rocks due to the inability to conceive. This is a sub-set of the lost (drowned, kidnapped, accident) child story-line. Are there no other reasons for marriages to be in trouble? Rourke’s hit-man mentor to wacked out young gun makes little sense.

Were it not for the acting and the Rourke factor (which is probably why it was even released at all) this would be a definite pass. And unless you’re curious about pre-Wrestler Rourke, don’t bother.



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