Darling Jim ~ Christian Moerk

darlingjDarling Jim reveals itself, after a brief set-up, by the discovery of diaries. A crime has been committed, but the details remain a mystery. The diaries, and a persistent postal worker, take us into the dark tale  bit by bit.

Jim Quick (the ‘darling’ of the title), is a grifter, a teller of tales (in the Irish seanchaí tradition), an irresistible and charismatic character that has his way with most everyone.  One of the tales he tells – from town to town – is of two brothers, wolves, princesses and a castle. Although this mythic story is intricately apart of the story of Jim and the three Walsh sisters, I’m not a big fan of fairy tales and this aspect of the book had me impatient to get back to the ‘real’ story.

The story arc is perfectly over the top – impossible coincidences and outrageous twists. But immense fun. Christian Moerk has an interesting background, including some earlier studio film work and writing for magazines on film. Readers mostly love to play the ‘who’d play that part in a movie’ game. And I thnk this would make a fantastic movie, by the way. In this interview, Moerk plays the game himself. ♦♦♦♦


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