The Song is You ~ Arthur Phillips

song youPhillips’ novel is hard to pin down. I assume this is on purpose, as I changed my perceptions several times during the course of the book. And that’s ok. I’m partial to novels that have music as a major motif, and this is one of those.

The two main characters are a middle aged, successful advertising director named Julian who is at a cross roads in his career – and his personal life. The other is an up and comer, singer Cait O’Dyer. The exact relationship between them is constantly subject to speculation by the reader. He’s her muse at least, of that much we are sure. Beyond that, what is real, and who is pursuing who is open to interpretation.

There are several other characters and threads, but none of much interest: the “ex” (as in they lost a child and could never recover theme), the eccentric brother, the other band members. And more.

There’s also a plethora of gadgetry as accessories: iPods and cell phones, websites and twitter like url’s. Very now.

Diverting and amusing, this is not a book that will stay with you.



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