Taken ~ (France, 2009) ~ DVD

takenIt’s a good ideanever to fuck with Albanians. Yeah. But it’s an even better idea never to ftuck with Liam Neeson. Such is one of the morals of this grab ‘n snatch tale.

When divorced, retired CIA agent Neeson’s daughter is kidnapped (in an i told you so moment) into white slavery in Paris, Liam is on the case as if he never left the life. Like riding a bike, I guess.

A glossy, high action thriller (Luc Besson was involved) with an extremely high body count. And just not your average carnage  with broken limbs and flesh wounds. These are kill shots with no remorse. Bang, bang, you’re dead.  Car chases and fiery crashes. Jumping from high places without breaking legs….

All in all, trashy fun as long as you’re not expecting too much. You’d do best not to expect too much these days.




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