Momma’s Man ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

MommasmanAzazel Jacob’s Momma’s Man is a slowwww, sketch of man’s life grinding to a halt as he slips back into the sanctuary of his adolescence. Mikey, in New York for a short visit to his parents finds he just can’t return home to his wife and child. Finally he can barely leave his parents apartment.

As he begins to pull out the memories of his youth, Mikey finds himself stuck. The wonderful dynamic at work here is the dichotomy that has the parents (Mom at least) perfectly happy to have grown up son come back into the nest. On the other hand, the parents are well aware that that’s not the way we nurture our young. Same on the other side. Son is attracted to the idea of return and leaving all the troubles of adulthood behind. But why won’t Mom let him live his own life? Well, because he’s trying to live a life he’s left behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang n the bedroom and read comics all day? sure, but….sure but how long can that last?

Writer-Director Jacobs has cast his parents as Mikey’s Mom and Dad.  They (especially Flo Jacobs) do an excellent job. The director and his Mother capture perfectly that combination of nudginess and warmth, both addictively attractive and irritatingly off-putting. Happy Mother’s Day!



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