Lakeview Terrace ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

lakeviewForget all the attempts at social relevance. The racism and reverse-racism. The unchecked power of law enforcement. The powerlessness of law enforcement to cope with the pressures of the requirements of the job. The California real estate cauldron arrayed against the environment. And more. Forget all those because they’re shallow and not deeply thought out. They’re presented in cartoonish broad brushes.

But forget all that. And if you do, you can mindlessly enjoy this Samuel Jackson vehicle. Yeah, Samuel plays the menacing cop who has been spinning his wheels since his wife died. A long time cop, still on the beat, while younger cops already talk of the day when they can get off the patrols and get to ‘real’ police work.

A guilty pleasure. Ah, forget the guilt and the right to exist.



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