Ramble On

rambleI’ve wanted to run the James Joyce Ramble for a couple of years, but at 10K, I thought it was beyond my capabilities. Turned out it probably was. Well, its run late April and this years was unseasonably warm. I believe it was in the mid-eighties, which is very unusual for this time of year in New England. The heat takes a lot out of me anyway. Just my luck.

I did finish, though it was a struggle. And I did walk some of the last mile. I don’t like to do that and I think this was only the second time for me. It was the heat last time as well.

Surprisingly, I was not impressed with the race management. This is the 26th edition, I think. I suppose the heat got to them too. But no water at the first water station? And difficulty finding water after the race? On a day like this? That’s rather inexcusable.

Always cool t-shirts, though. So when I run the Kerouac 5K in September, that’ll be two literary runs this year.

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