Timecrimes (Los Cronocrímenes)~(Spain, 2007) ~ DVD

timecrimesWritten and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, this Spanish feature is a mind-twister of a time travel movie. Vigalondo even plays one of the four characters. Well, four may depend on your accounting rules…You know, in time travel, even a few seconds can make a big difference. Seems to me that time travel is a very cool concept, but mostly we’ve been treated to cinema failures on the subject. Not here. This one is intelligent, unfolds (x 3) at an excellent cinematic pace, and neither leaves the viewer in the lurch, or insults the viewer’s intelligence.

Hector and his wife have just moved into their new home. We all know what that’s like. Lots to do. Hector settles down to relax awhile with a pair of binoculars around his neck. Just this prop, the binoculars constantly from his neck, is the sort of little stroke of genius that makes this movie so much fun.  One of the pleasures certainly is seeing some dear horror conventions whacked upside the head. How many horror flicks have there been where a man in a trench coat, face wrapped in something bizarre (here bloody gauze), chases around the woods after dark with creepy intent? Here though, Vigalondo tweaks the cliche just enough to make it completely new. Here the faceless menace is another version of yourself.

David Cronenberg is already said to be re-making this one. And don’t that seem to fit? Movies these days…It’s all about sequels, remakes, homages. Additional versions of itself. See? Well, you will.



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