Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne) ~ (France, 2008) ~ DVD

tellnooneI was very excited to have this movie come out on DVD shortly after the release of the superb Kristen Scott-Thomas movie, I’ve Loved You So Long. Another KST movie! Well, not exactly. KST really has only a minor role here,  so my excitement quickly waned. Nevertheless, Guillaume Canet’s thriller/police procedural keeps us twisting and turning until the very end. I can almost forgive the seemingly forgotten KST. But not quite.

The opening scene is typically French – a family gathering outside: good food, good wine, good cheer. With Otis Redding on the playlist. But on with the show, er, plot. At a midnight skinny dip, things begin to unravel. Cut to eights years later.

Though one step behind for much of the movie (hell, make that two steps behind, since one-step is normal for me) I followed it well enough to not be left in the dark when all is revealed. And when all is revealed again. Clever.



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