Blue Nun Syndrome

blue-nunAn article on Riesling grapes (and wines made therefrom) decried the “unfortunate” association of the grape with that widely popular wine of the ’80’s, Blue Nun. Ah, Blue Nun. To my folks, Blue Nun is the wine to drink when you’re having company. That company being me. I don’t even much like white wines. I’ll settle for any old house red or red table wine over the corky tasting whites.

At some point, I suspect, my parents had ‘discovered’ Blue Nun and taken a shine to it. Blue Nun came to represent, ‘fine wine’. Entertaining wine. Company wine. Perhaps it was when they had discovered wine itself But it has come to represent that perfect wine: good tasting, not too expensive – and company likes it. And if they don’t? well, who’s to know.

When I visit, I can always count one a meal out, a series of meals, maybe two or three to include a left-over night. And one special meal. A celebratory meal. The meal that needs to be accompanied with a good chilled wine. A meal with Blue Nun. Because I always liked it. Well, no. They always liked it. Not me.

And being as how they had discovered and settled into this as the Mother of all Wines, when wine was called for, the Blue Nun answered the bell. I call this Blue Nun Syndrome. A syndrome of fondly remembered times, all associated with a particular beverage. In this case Blue Nun.

But it could be anything that has held that special place as a standard. As the touchstone of class. Meals must be accompanied by a ‘good’ wine. And the Nun has been cosed to fill that void. Out of…dare I say it, habit!

QUALITÄTSWEIN. Dry as an Arabian sand storm.


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