Synecdoche, New York ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

synecdoche1Charlie Kaufman, Charlie Kaufman! Damn. This film can be maddening. No doubt. But it can also be disconcerting in the way that some experiences can jar you sense of reality. Can pull the rug from under your feet. Ultimately though, it’s a work that just can’t pull itself together. Hmm….come to think of it. If a movie can be funny and bleak a the same time, this is it. If ever a mvie was a polarizing love it or hate it, this is it. Yet, I’m in neither camp. For me it had an odd charm – but a charm to hold at arm’s length.

This is another in a series of films that I couldn’t get tickets for at TIFF ’08. I wasn’t too disappointed though, assuming that this Kauffman film would be assured of a US release.



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