Yes, we Hath Descended

santinoLet all arguments to the contrary be dismissed. Now there can be no doubt. We have  indeed, descended from the Apes. A male chimpanzee at a Swedish zoo, collected rocks in a plan to hurl them at gawkers . The 31-year old chimpanzee (Santino) collected his weapons cache early in the morning while unobserved, so as to later launch his rock throwing attacks. The stones were part of a calm, pre-meditated plan. Scientists say this is proof beyond doubt that chimpanzees – at least this one – can plan for future events. II say, at least this one, because individual differences among chimps can vary widely. Maybe this is just Santino the Schemer! Not an indicator of universal chimp planning abilities.

The funny thing is that Santino doesn’t bother to collect his weapons during the season when there are no visitors. His weapons are not for his fellow chimps. They’re for the zoos human visitors. Man, does this chimp hate people staring at him.


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