Happy Birthday to You

Hey hey, we’re the Monkees. And we don’t monkee around! Happy birthday Mickey Dolenz (64), born the same year as me and just 6 days after. The Monkees. Maybe the first of the pre-fab music groups.

Seems a lot of famous singers have this birthday (Mickey Dolenz aside – though Mickey bills himself as an actor-director these days): Randy Meisner (63), Peggy March (61), Gary Numan (51), Jimmy Dormire (49) and Shawn Mullins (41). Everythings gonna be allrght, Shawn.

Happy birthday Jim Bouton (70). Your Ball Four was probably the first “sports book” I ever read.

Happy birthday Georgie Girl. Lynn Redgrave (66). Sorry, but I always liked your sister better.

Happy birthday Jim Rice (56). You and Freddie Lynn (“the Gold Dust Twins”) were, for a few years, the most wonderful outfield duo in the game.

Go Red Sox!


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