I Read It In The Sunday Papers

sunday-paper1Spreading out the Sunday newspaper as a back-to-back Winter storms comes in. Nor’easter potential as they say up these parts. Top story? Front page “above the fold”? (When there are no more printed newspapers, what will happen to this anachronism?): The Matt Cassel trade. (Boston sports has shed two castles – Matt and Sam – this year). Sounds like a losing chess match). Such is the place that The New England Patriots (“The Pats”) have in the hearts and minds of New Englanders. After months and months of chatter about the worth of Cassel (two first round picks, keep him and trade Brady), it appears the League has spoken: a high second round pick. And throw in Veteran Vrabel to boot. Not the big payoff the team was expecting. Sure, because of the ‘tag’, most teams couldn’t even afford Cassel. But really. The argument that Cassel really is a system QB makes a lot of sense. He’s just as likely to have a mediocre career as he is to fade into the sunset with The Chiefs – or even be a star (I doubt it) and lead The Chiefs to the promised land. Please do not hold your collective breaths, KC. So Let The Spin Begin (it already has with at least three articles and/or columns on the trade). Brady is finally married and Matt is no more. Get on with your lives.

Myself? Especially with a storm coming and snow about to pelt down? I prefer to concentrate on all things Red Sox. Under the Florida sun, all things are optimistic. Everyone’s rehab is on track, there’s a plethora of great arms, veteran and young. Rising stars everywhereyou look. Which is fine. Enjoy it while we can. Until the first games that matter and the grind begins underblustery April clouds and weather more fit for…well, more fit for football. But the Late-Autumn-Of-My-Life saga of Manny Ramirez continues. Bound and determined to get more this year than last, he and his agent continue to reject offer after offer from the Dodgers. LA’s McCourt knows he’s negotiating against himself, but just can’t seem to keep his hand out of the cookie jar. Show some self-discipline Frank  Giving into Boras-Manny is like taking steroids. You’ll feel great for awhile, but sooner or later, your body will pay the price. Frank? Kick the habit buddy. As for The Celtics, Stephon Marbury is expected to step up and cast off all the negativity that has been hung around his neck. Precedents are cited, all the way back to Charlie Scott. Dennis Johnson. Robert Parish. More recently (from football) Randy Moss and Corey Dillon. Leave the baggage at the station. Time to win.

Though there are other things besides sports happening in this world, no? What’s old is new again. As the economy slides off the face of the earth, there is one opportunity for the poor/working class. The military. Is has always been thus. When there are no jobs available, you can always grab a rifle and get right with the world. Enlistments are up. Way up. And America seems always to have had that opportunity available when times are tough. War has usually been the great economic stimulus. This time though, it has been more complicated. Still working through the kinks.

Also front-page material: An article about the new Mormon Yaffies. I guess I’ll take the sex and swearin’, myself. Then again I don’t have “young adults” to worry about. Why this audience of just pre and just post pubescents are referred to as young “adults” is hard to fathom.  I think some people should contemplate why their religion has such a close affinity with fantasy. Just as an exercise, you understand.

Republican atavism: The Newts are Rushing out from under the rocks that have fallen on them. They appear to be mad, and they’re not going to take it anymore. Seems the soul searching has brought forth a scorched earth approach. Purification by fire. Bush, Rove, McCain: They’re the Devils as much as Obama is. Check your maps ladies and gentlemen. This  group is making a sharp right, and  may very well fall of the edge. This party is  sick. Almost any ‘contenda’ already has a lot of baggage – even would be Prima Donna Palin.

And Brother, can you spare a dime? What business is up? Not only recession proof it seems, but depression vigorous: the movie industry. Box office is reportedly up 17.5% this year. Attendance is up 16%, so people are going to the movies. The Great Escape. It’s what the movies are all about, right?

In the Arts – I liked the idea of this article. 11 music critics “I confess: I don’t like…” in which they admit their dislikes of some of the sacred cows of Rock/Pop. Interesting that a large majority of them just couldn’t stand an artist because of their voice. Something that’s never been a problem with me.

Finally, the weather. You can always talk about the weather, right? I talked to my parents this morning (in Columbus, Georgia) and they claim to have “two feet of snow”. I highly doubt it, but….And the weather can always validate the old shibboleths: March comes in like a Lion.  

If you want to know about the man gone bonkersmusical-note
If you want to know how to play guitar
If you want to know about the other suckers
You can read it in the Sunday papers, read it in the Sunday papers
~ Joe Jackson


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