Kindle 2

I received my Kindle 2 today. I’m not sure why I ordered it, other than I wanted to. Over the past few years I’ve mostly stopped buying books, having gravitated to the library. Space considerations mostly.Travelling more lightly.  But I was hearing more and moretalk about the Kindle, ad so when the Kindle 2 was announcedI found myself clicking.

I suppose now I’ll be buying books again – but space will not be an issue. I’m thinking of switching my 4-day a week Globe subscription to the Kindle . And I may even spring for a magazine. Why not?

Several years ago (long time, it seems to me) I had a Rocket E-Book. It was pretty cool, but the novelty wore off. This unit of course is far superior. It’s a kick just to hold it in your hand. Quite a marvelous little device, actually. Looking forward to downloading my first book. I have no idea what it will be as yet.  We shall see…


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