Body Of Lies ~ (USA, 2008) ~ DVD

bodyliesRidley Scott’s film is a diverting entertainment, elevated by some good acting. Step back though, and you realize that the whole thing is fairly run of the mill without the performances.  Try as I might to not like Leonardo DiCaprio, he is  invariably really good. Here, as CIA operative Roger Ferris,  he’s tough as nails and cares not a whit for the niceties, or the political nature that may sometimes be required. DiCaprio throws himself into his role with a high energy level.

Russell Crowe is his superior (Ed Hoffman). Except for an unnecessary drawl (where did that come from?), Crowe shows the cold efficient side of the game: devious, he plays it close to the vest, loyal only to his own determinations. Fellow by the name of Mark Strong plays Hani, the head of Jordanian Intelligence –   Crowe’s counterpart, but more polished and not above getting his hands dirty.

Another in a line of the search for Jihadist, terrorist cells, made more respectable by the work of DiCaprio and Crowe, who seem to play well together. Recommendede rental.



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