Stunning news

taserGroan. Bad joke, I know. But it’s always interesting to read about that which we’ve all heard about, but may never have really understood the story behind it. You know, that mid-level stuff we all know about, but likely have never delved further. Usually we find out the basic facts in an obituary. Take the stun gun, or Taser as it has come to be called.

Jack Cover, the inventor of the Taser has died. The Taser was originally called the TSER, for Tom Swift’s Electric Rifle. Right. The invention was inspired by a weapon used in the Tom Swift novels – a rifle that fired electricity (via darts) to stun people instead of killing them (well, in most cases). Getting tired of answering the phone “TSER” (how do you pronounce that anyway?),  the “A” was added and a new weapon was born.


Well, the world can always used a new weapon, right?

RIP, Jack
Eternally Stunned


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